Carina Lewis

Neo Soul / R&B musician out of Seattle


Carina Lewis, out of Seattle, is a voice to be reckoned with. A life fully lived has culminated in music steeped in honesty, passion and pain. Her deep and sultry vocals mesmerize and seem to have the power to tame the rowdiest of crowds. 

 After years of lending her chops, via background vocals, to numerous incredible musicians (Sarah Gerritsen, Andrea Marie, Beth Whitney... &...&...), Carina is finally releasing her own music. Backed by Alex Westad on guitar, bass and in the producer's chair and James Mansour on drums and prophet, her sound is based in Soul / RnB, but is certainly not limited to it. 

 Carina's recently released "Cheating Lips" has been a long time coming. The single is unexpected, with a good measure of pop added to her usual soul. Baby Boy, the singer's second single, is  a simpler, more brooding mother's lullaby with electronic elements peppered through. Versatility and transparency abound in Carina's music, tugging at the deep places in listener's hearts. 




A few things recently spoken about Carina and her music :

"That voice came out of her?!"

"Can Carina come with me and sing to me everywhere I go?" 

"Her lyrics make me feel powerful... and want to be more honest."

"How the hell is she not famous?"

"Carina's voice is like a good cocktail."

"There's a person who's found their instrument."


Photography Kathryn Denelle Stevens

Photography by Mari Mansour, Kathryn Stevens, Nikki Baron, Addy Heyn